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Below are what we consider to be the top things to look for when searching for a Moving Software for your Moving Company.

The below items are in alphabetic order and in no way in order of importance.


Accurate Estimates

When using Moving Software the main thing you are going to want is giving your customers consistent accurate estimates.

accurate-estimate-moving-softwareWhy Accurate Estimates are Crucial

Having a Moving Software that actually understands the industry and is able to produce accurate estimates for your customers is a must have for the longevity of your company. To be honest if you are giving your customers inaccurate estimate you are going to either not get the jobs if they are coming out to high or have severely upset customers if your estimates are to low. As you can imagine with upset customers you are going to have unfavorable reviews which then creates a domino effect of not having new customers.



Automated Emails & SMS

When you are dealing with customers you should be talking to them in the way that they prefer. Many customers are now switching to more text messaging than phone calls and if you want your company to grow while the world around us changes we must be ready and adapt to the change.

The Truth About Automated Emails & SMS Messages

automated_emails_moving_softwareEmails: Time and time again emails have been proven to drive results to any company based on whatever campaign they are doing. For instance, any time someone from my moving company talks to a prospect over the phone, they receive an email saying “Thank you for talking to us”. If they were given a quote, they will also receive the quote within that email. My employees do not have to send that e-mail; it is just automatic. This ensures that all of our customers get the same experience every time. We then have automated emails for “Tips on Move Day”, “Should I purchase additional Valuation?” and about 10 other emails that are set to go out at exactly the right time based on that customer’s sales spot in our funnel. We are able to do all of these with our moving software MoveitPro.

sms_moving_softwareText Messaging (SMS): Like Emails but a million times more powerful, we use them and have them setup to go out at the perfect time to our prospects and customers. This allows them the option to once again see why our moving company is the best decision for their move. SMS also allows us to send our estimates directly to their phones, allows them to message us back and even send us pictures if they need to show us something special. Again, this is all able to be done in our software, MoveitPro, and allows about 100 different triggers based on events that happen and then can automatically send out a new message to your customers. Read more about 7 Areas of a Moving Company to Streamline...



Claims Management

All of us in the moving business hate claims but as we all know it is just part of doing business. The best way to handle your claims and keep payouts to a minimum is to have a very consistent system you use across all of your customers when it comes to claims.

A New Age of Claims Management

moving software claims managementWe know how important claims are at getting handled in a timely manner to the livelihood of your company as when claims are not handled fast and in an organized manner then you just have upset customers, frustration from your management team, and more payouts than if you just were organized and efficient at handling them. We believe in doing the right time, every time, even when sometimes the right thing is the hard thing to do. Our claims management system will help you in all of these areas and honestly will increase your bottom line.


Customer Portal

When your customers are comparing your company to others you always want to outperform your competition. The customer portal is what your customers see when interacting with your company as for viewing estimates, booking jobs, making payments, and adjusting inventory. This is a few reasons why a beautiful customer portal is a necessity.

moving-sofware-customer-portalYour Customers Expect a Beautiful Customer Portal

Customers have come a long way from picking up a phone book and finding a mover. An internal study shows that 67% of customers for moving companies prefer to receive a professional estimate directly to their email and / or text message with a link to a custom customer portal which will allow the customer to view all details of their move, update contact info, change inventory, book the job, pay deposits, and so much more. This gives the ability for the moving company to book more jobs and have more customer satisfaction by providing the medium of which the customer wants.

Read More about why a Moving Software Customer Portal.


Digital Bill of Lading (BOL)

So many companies are now realizing the power of being paperless. Gone are the days of printing your bill of ladings, work orders, estimates, change of service forms, etc. Companies like UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and thousands of others have been using digital paperwork for years. Now is the time for you to get your life back and up your productivity by switching to digital bill of ladings.


Find out the power of having a dispatch system that is literally drag and droppable for crews and trucks and why this will change the way you do business. Having the ability for seeing everything as for dispatching all in one place from anywhere in the world is life changing.

Having a Cutting Edge Dispatching System 

Design-Revamp_DispatchHaving a cutting edge dispatching system within your software for moving company will dramatically increase the operations of your company. With a system like MoveitPro you can drag and drop crews, trucks, assign drivers, and make notes for your sales and ops team to see all in one place. Everything works in realtime and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime. You will be able to tell easily what crews have a full day and which crews have space left on their day to be able to quickly make the decision if you can handle another job.


Itemized Inventory

Giving your customers an accurate estimate is usually done by using an itemized inventory of what your customers are moving. This is very important when you are trying to have satisfied customers as when you give inaccurate estimates then as you know you will have unhappy customers.

itemized-inventory-moving-softwareThe Reasons Itemized Inventory Increases Satisfaction

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Management Reports

Having the ability to have reports for the management of your company to see how every metric is doing like your ROI for lead sources, sales reps booking percentages, busiest days, and hundreds of others is a game changer for your company as you will not be blind any longer.

Why Having Reports Will Open Your Eyes

imac_moveitproWe have created reports which are on your admins dashboard so you can keep an eye of all the important stats of your company in realtime as well as tons of reports like Sales Reports, Estimate Reports, Sales Rep Reports, Payroll Reports, Booked Reports, Cancellation Reports, Lead Reports, ROI Reports, Storage Reports, Review Reports and many more.


Gone are the days of not really knowing whats going on within your company unless you spend time researching and tallying up data of your jobs. This is all done for you in real time.


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