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Cloud Based Moving Software

MoveitPro™ is in the cloud giving you the ability to access your moving companies information anywhere in the world at anytime. Rest assured your data is backed up every 5 minutes and retained for 90 days.

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Time is Money

MoveitPro™ Moving Software is guaranteed to save you and your employees time which will save you money. Our system handles everything from your prospects, estimates, customers, invoicing, CRM, and more

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Book More Jobs

MoveitPro™ Moving Company Software allows you to automatically connect with your customers by handling all of your follow-ups and showing you who to call and when while also sending campaign emails in the background.

Paperless (B.O.L.) Bill of Ladings

MoveitPro™ Moving Software is able to be used completely paperless. You are able to have your crews take an internet connected tablet with them and do their entire Bill of Lading completely digitally including signatures, filling out the bill, and even charging the customer. Just think of all the time you are going to save not having to enter in all of your jobs' information into your system. It is done when the movers leave the customers location. Can you say amazing? AMAZING!!!

Anywhere Access

Manage your moving or removal business from the office, your truck, or your customer’s front door. MoveitPro™  the Software for Moving Companies is mobile ready so your business runs from wherever you are.


Customer Portal

MoveitPro™ has a Customer Portal which allows a moving companies customers to view their estimates on any device instead of just viewing a pdf. This will allow your customers to Book a Move, Edit the Estimate, Decline the Estimate, Update Contact Information, as well as live chat with your employees at anytime while viewing their estimate.

The customer portal allows customization and you are able to select colors, etc.


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MoveitPro™ on your website

You are able to easily put MoveitPro™ Software quoting on your website with all of your branding for your Estimate or quote requests. When a customer goes to your website and requests information it simultaneously enters the information into MoveitPro™ where your sales staff are able to immediately act on the lead, while MoveitPro™ Moving Software also uses several automatic triggers to send the potential customer emails and texts to help gain their business.

This allows the customer to fill in all of their information, put in a full inventory of their move and then will all show up in MoveitPro™ Moving Company Software with all the data they entered as well as the estimated CuFT, Weight, Distance, and the estimated movers, trucks, and time to complete move for you to review before giving to prospected customer.


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"Live Chat" on your website

Talk with your customers from your website via "Live Chat".

MoveitPro™ Software for Movers is the only moving, removal,  and storage software capable of offering this feature all at no extra charge. Talk about a software that is going to increase sales, and of course will all be in your company branding, logo, etc.

MoveitPro™ is more than happy to set it up for you on your site for no additional cost.


QuickBooks Integration


MoveitPro™ now integrates with QuickBooks and will let you automatically enter your customers into QuickBooks, create Sales Receipts on completed jobs, run specialized reports and so much more.


Fully Mobile Responsive

MoveitPro™ allows your employees and customers to connect with any device they have including Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, ChromeBook, and Linux.  MoveitPro™ was built from the ground up for all of these devices which gives you the edge you need above your competition. Imagine the possibilities of having your entire moving or removal company operations at your fingertips.


"You are able to manage your business like never before, from anywhere in the world, at at time."

Do You Purchase Leads? We Can Import Them

MoveitPro™ Software works with almost all lead companies to be able to import the leads you purchase for your moving company into your MoveitPro™ system. MoveitPro™ Moving Software will then automatically send these leads sales emails and has the ability to send them a link to their customer portal so they can fill out more information about their move until you give them a call.

MoveitPro™ is then able to let you know how your lead companies are doing for you. How many you have booked, which ones are dead leads so you can request a credit, and how much revenue you are getting from each lead company.


MoveitPro™ is Secure and Encrypted

We promise to protect your personal and business information at all times using the latest technology available. All of MoveitPro™ is highly secure using our secure servers to protect your information using advanced encryption and firewall technology. To further ensure your security, we use state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect all of your information from unauthorized use.


Multiple Locations and Branches

MoveitPro Movers Software supports multiple locations and branches for our customers and gives you the ability to keep different branding and company image to multiple-locationsyour customers with the emails, estimates, BOL's, etc that they receive.

This feature allows you to have hundreds of locations or branches while all being managed within one system.

Why is cloud based better?


MoveitPro™ Cloud Based Moving Software was built to be run from the cloud. This means you are able to access any of your information from anywhere at anytime. This opens up the power of your business as you do not need a "On-site Server" or "IT People" to continually maintain your system.

By having MoveitPro™ in the cloud this allows for the application to run on multiple servers throughout North America which gives redundancy and guarantees non-existent downtime. In the almost impossible event of something tragic causing a data loss our systems are completely covered with automatic backups that run every 5 minutes and retains 90 days of history that are also stored at multiple locations thousands of miles apart.

mapAccess your Company Globally

MoveitPro™ allows you to run your moving or removal company from anywhere at anytime regardless of your geographical location. There are now no boundaries as long as you have a connection to the internet. Imagine the potential for your company to continue to grow and service more and more customers without being bound to the traditional roots of a brick and mortar business of servicing your customers from within your office.

MoveitPro on FacebookMoveitPro™ supports Facebook

Your moving company can have a tab within facebook for potential customers to request an estimate. The information is automatically imported into your MoveitPro™ for your sales team to immediately assist them. See the attached screenshot that shows "Get Moving Quote" on the moving/removal companies page where it then shows the MoveitPro™ form below it.


"Now your prospected customers can request an estimate directly on your facebook business page."

moveitpro-bol-clipboardAutomated Form Generation

MoveitPro™ is able to create and print all forms needed for any job including estimates, work orders, driving directions, and Bill Of Ladings as seen to the right which would print on Carbonless paper (2, 3, or 4 part). Whether you have 1 or 100 jobs a day it is as easy as hitting print and all your paperwork will be created and printed already filled out with customers name, phone numbers, addresses, trucks, movers, travel or truck charges, fuel (if any) and any other charges necessary per your company.

All the text is editable for your company to comply with your states regulations and your companies policies and procedures.

The ability to create Estimates, Work Orders, Driving Directions, and Bill Of Ladings not only saves your company tons of time but also gives your company a more professional look.


"Imagine the time you will save by having all of your forms automatically created and pre-filled with a touch of a button."


schedule-moveitproJob Schedules

MoveitPro™ has calendars also known as schedules for both "Pending Jobs" which are estimates that are not yet booked and then "Booked Jobs" which are estimates that are booked. These calendars give you the ability to look quickly and see what your capacity is for any given day by seeing the a bar graph estimating your percentage of capacity for the day, as well as the estimate revenue and total jobs for the day.

If you click on the specific day it takes you to the crew schedules page where you can view all details for that day, see all the jobs, assign crew members, and assign trucks. MoveitPro™ will also sync with your Gmail, Outlook, Apple, etc. calendars so your employees are able to see your jobs schedules all without logging in to MoveitPro™ at a glance.


"It has never been easier to see what your day, week, or month looks like for your estimates and bookings especially since MoveitPro syncs with my Gmail, Outlook, Apple, etc. calendars automatically."


Now your MoveitPro™ account has additional protection

Now you can select to require two-factor authentication when any user logs in. This adds an entire new dimension to security of your company data. Not only does an intruder or hacker need your username and password, but they also need access to your smartphone to receive the temporary one time use access code in addition to your username and password.



  • Resource Scheduling
  • Day Capacity Tracking
  • Resource Allocation
  • Job Confirmation
  • Job Scheduling
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Work Order Creation
  • Bill Of Lading Creation
  • Job Directions Creation


  • Estimate Creation
  • Facebook Integration
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Email Estimates
  • On-Site Estimates using Tablet
  • Follow Up Logging
  • Viewable Email Log
  • Automated Estimates
  • Weight, Cuft, time and Mileage calculation


ZERO-EFFMaking your Sales Funnel Effortless

MoveitPro™ Moving Estimate Software will increase your booking ratio and cash-flow within your moving or removal company guaranteed. You will be able to give accurate estimates within five minutes to your prospected customers in which MoveitPro™ will then send them automatic emails, texts, and set them up for a follow-up campaign which tells your employees when to call them. MoveitPro™ Software gives you an easy place to keep track of all of your employees progress through our intensive CRM system. Your employees will be able to log notes on every prospected customer or customer interaction.

MoveitPro™ is the first of its kind in the moving industry. It uses all of the latest technology and is in continuous development which means that new features are added on a bi-weekly basis all for no extra cost to you.