Our Mission, Vision, and Values

MoveitPro™ is the best fully web based, online software for managing the operations of a moving and / or storage company.


Our Mission

To help moving companies grow and scale their business with impeccable customer support and ever-changing technology

Our Vision

To be the one and only tool needed to start, grow and run a moving company

Our Core Values

Customer Success
When our customers succeed, we succeed. So we champion them to achieve extraordinary things.

We are made up of amazing individuals, but it’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We’re committed to helping our customers by working together with equal parts humility and ambition.

We innovate together. Our customers’ input helps us develop products that best serve their business needs. Providing continual technology releases and new initiatives gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Strive for Excellence
(1) We set and achieve aggressive goals. (2) We take ownership, celebrate successes and be responsible for results. (3) We make clear choices, anticipate changing conditions and plan for the future.

Continuous Learning
We create a culture that promotes curiosity and experimentation. We are passionate about learning, improving, and innovating. We are not afraid to make mistakes and share them with others. We learn from both challenges and successes.

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